Thursday, February 5, 2009

Award for Worst Mother of the Year

Two nights ago at the God-awful hour of 1:30 AM my lovely baby woke up screaming. I am not used to waking up in the middle of the night, I don't know how to do it and I don't function. I gave her a bottle and managed to get into bed without injuring myself. She continued to cry until my husband went upstairs and performed Daddy J magic and she drifted back to sleep - probably smiling at having made me wake up so unnaturally early.
This morning again I hear her crying faintly through my monitor (which is currently not working very clearly - it makes a REALLY loud fuzzy noise) and I sit up and wobbled my head to the general direction of the alarm clock which read, 3am. I was considering waking up Daddy J first and decided it wasn't worth it... waking him is not the easiest thing. So I sit up and close my eyes for a second to stop the burning and when I open them back up I'm lying back in bed and the alarm reads 6:00am. My husband is just rolling out of bed and I can hear poor Princess M hoarsely screaming. She stopped as soon as I picked her up and laid her head on my shoulder. I felt immense remorse for considering my sleep over her need to eat or snuggle. I'm just hoping she didn't scream the three hours I neglected her... I'm even more hoping this whole sleeping in the basement bedroom will work out because I LOVE it down here... maybe I should just invest in a new baby monitor.

On the subject of bad mothering; My two year old son Little J has THEE most obnoxious whiny voice I have ever heard. I love him dearly but can't stand his voice. lol. I try my best to attend to his many many urgent needs he has throughout the day however last night I had had enough. My day was too long and stressful to continue to deal with his whining. I decided in my worst Mother self advice to ignore him. His whining is very repetitive. He'll say the same phrase over and over to the point of insanity, and he has this talent of combining a full sentence into one word. For I'm all done he's say, "amada,amada, amada, amada, amada..." now imagine it in a really whiny voice. Alright you get the point. Well I'm ashamed to say after ten minutes of his repetitive, ", help" which let me add he uses if he wants a cup, a baby out of the toy box, the door open, a little person in a car... everything. Finally I had decided to find the problem and just fix it before he whined himself to death. Well where do I find him but fully clothed and stuck in the toilet. He is not potty trained ladies and gentlemen so I couldn't have possibly known he would be anywhere near the bathroom. His little knobby knees were literally touching his neck. When he saw me he says, "Oh, hi ma" I didn't know whether I should laugh or slap him... so I laughed.

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