Friday, April 7, 2006

Dr. Appointment today: Sam went to Grandma Shirley's and I headed to Dr. Wong's... my blood tests came back from last week and apparently I'm anemic... as usual. he said my level is supposed to be 21 but it's 14... so another round of iron pills... I have tons already but I can't say, "don't worry I already have a hefty supply." lol. He said the baby is still small... and I had to shedule an appointment at the hospital for some thing to measure the baby's weight and my fluids... apparently I haven't grown in a few weeks. Let's see what else... After the appointment I called Shirley to see where they were and she asked if she could keep him longer and drive the 40 minutes to my house later that evening. I was like, 'OH YES YOU CAN!" lol. I got lots done, set the cradle up, cleaned the bathroom, washed the inside and outside of my car... and it was so nice to be baby free. Whenever I don't have him I'm usually shopping or something. So it was so nice to be home and not have him. Not that I don't like having him... I just like getting breaks too! Well that's all for tonight. I am at Max's tonight... but I'm gonna head to Char's soon! Yay! And tomorrow to Ellensburg for a baseball game and possibly catching up with an old friend! :d Adios all!

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