Tuesday, March 28, 2006

  • Longest post in the history of posts...

    Okay so I called the Dr. yesterday to complain about the weekend and how much sleep I didn't get! I told Laurie, Sam's pediatric nurse all of his symptoms. Slapping his ears, pulling on his ears, scratching his ears, shaking his head, screaming at night, lack of appetite, dehydrated, insomniac, diarrhea, vomiting... being naughty! She said Dr. Milligan, Sam's regular Dr. wouldn't be in that day but she wanted me to see the on call Dr., Dr. Hoover. He was really nice, very genuine. He looked at Sam's ears and said for sure he had an ear infection. Problem number one: since he's had so many ear infections we've pretty much had him on antibiotics his whole life, he thinks it's not knocking out the whole infection, only about 99% because his system has become immune to the medicine. He decided to give us a stronger dose for ten days and to schedule us an appointment with the ENT specialist. He said if a baby has had more than 4 or 5 ear infections in the first year then that's a sign that there's a bigger problem. He said, "how many do you think he's had?" I say, "at least eight or nine, if not more." he looks surprised and looks over his chart. "He might be a good candidate for tubes." He wrote us the prescription then said it wouldn't kick in for two or three days and to give Sam Tylenol to relieve the pain. I say, "Tylenol doesn't work at all, maybe his system is immune to it also." He says that it's probably just too weak and to use Children's Advil instead. I asked him about his runny nose and coughing and such, he says, "Try some Dimetapp or Triaminic" I say, "Those both make him hyper." so he says to try Benadryl because part of the breathing thing *could* be allergies. Maybe allergies to our dog?? Let's hope not. For his ears he referred me to a great over the counter ear drop. He says put three or four drops in his ear and have him either lay down or else stuff his ear with cotton. I'm thinking yeah right like he's going to sit still and also yeah right he's going to leave a cotton ball in his ear. My motherly skepticism was strongly against even trying but... I'm done with a fussy sick kid. He ended the appointment by saying he's probably so grumpy because he's starving and thirsty but it hurts too much to chew and hurts too much to drink from something he has to suck. Try a regular cup just to get him fluids.

    When we got home I carefully measured out all this new medicine and put it in two ounces of chocolate milk (I wanted to make sure it would be completely consumed) and let him sip from a regular cup. It went smoothly. After that I turned on his favorite movie, 'Baby Einstein's Neighborhood Animals' and laid him left side down on my lap. He immediately tried to squirm away and I had to hold him down while I put in the first drop. He totally stopped moving and let me put the other two drops in the lay there and watched the movie. I saw an immediate response. I LOVE this stuff! The Tylenol kicked in, the Benadryl kicked in and after a few bites of food and a bath he went to bed and get this SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! He woke up at five thirty, but that's fine, eight hours of straight sleep. *sigh*

    This morning he seems to be feeling the same as yesterday. I changed a poopy diaper and the world almost fell apart because he wanted, for some strange reason to put his hands in his poopy diaper. I was only moving his hand away and saying, "No, that's yucky" when he snapped (this was around six thirty-ish) He started screaming and even after I had his diaper changed and his jammies zipped back up there was no comforting him. He was mad at me and wouldn't stop crying until my mom came and got him. I made him a four-ounce bottle laced with drugs and put him to bed. He slept from about seven to eleven o'clock! (Mommy, why didn't you take a nap too?) when he got up I put him in his highchair and gave him an omelet that was leftover from breakfast, an omelet with three eggs and filled with sausage and spinach. He ate the whole thing AND he ate a bowl of instant oatmeal.  After breakfast I changed his diaper and got him dressed.

    The thing I love the most about the wonderfully sunny day is that I got the living room clean before he got up from his nap, I only have two loads of laundry to do, and he’s playing by himself… that’s right, not hanging on my leg crying while I try to mop the floor… he’s playing with his loud piano. J

    This weekend Me, Sam and my Mom are going to Spokane for my Great Aunt Wanda’s funeral.  I feel so bad for my grandma because in one week she’s lost her brother (On Friday) and her sister (On Sunday). Both to cancer, and while this is all happening my second cousin Shannon was hospitalized and they found she had a lemon-sized tumor. By the time they operated a few days later (I think three or four) the tumor had grown to volleyball size! And another Malek is in the hospital.

    But on Friday we’re going to go quilt with the Stone’s and some ladies from their church. We’re going to make Elizabeth’s new baby a blue and white quilt.

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