Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Well I went to bed at eight thirty and then talked to Eric for a bit, and got into a fight. All our fights are my fault because I'm stupid and over analize things. Damn. So then I hung up mad, and couldn't sleep so then I text him and well we wont go into it. But by I think... twelve we had stuff worked out. I wasn't tired at all and I was getting frusterated that I couldn't fall alseep. So then I was like, 'dang, only two hours left"... dang! Only an hour left... dang I have to get up..." and I got about an hour of sleep. I got up, took and shower, fed and changed Sam and then left. The roads were so dark and boring and lonely which started me on my trip down memory lane... this particular rode is entitled "lonely because you are a loser". and then I felt bad pretty much the rest of the day. I didn't want to work, but I did and I did as well as I could. (I need new shoes, they're killling me) so I figured out how to open and worked the lunch rush and by the time i got off I was exhausted. I came home, talked to Eric for a bit... but I was too grumpy so I yelled at him and made him mad so he hung up, (No, he doesn't hang up like just slam the phone down... he always says, "Well I'm going to go." and then I feel bad) Then he called back later but I yelled at him again because he interupted my nap. (I'm sorry sweetie) After that I got up at around four and watched part, the same part as last time of The Life of David Gale which looks good but I still haven't seen. Okay so then I got online and started talking to Eric and mostly arguing, (again my fault) until he left for dinner. I keep wondering if we should be togehter at all.

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