Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tomorrow I'mn signing away my life and taking out a loan for a car. I feel old. Also tomorrow, Sam is starting day care. Oh man! What an old kid. So things are starting to work out... slowly and stressfully. Kalli seems to be coming around, actually saying hi to me, laughing at my jokes and tonight, she ate a cookie I made. Maybe I'll have one friend afterall. Part of me thinks it's just because she's dating my brother... part of me says, "Who the hell cares, I miss my friend... my very own one of a kind Kalli." Seeing her reminds me of so many silly memories. Last summer, before I found out I was pregnant, we were chatting when we got to McDonnalds and I asked for a, "Recess Penis mcflurry" and then I turned bright red and almost died. After that whenever she was leaving she would always say, "reces pieces Kait" and we would laugh again.

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