Sunday, July 10, 2005

  • Oh man, here's another boring post. People comment! lol. So I'm waiting for Steph to call... she's cleaning up after CHarlie's fund raiser for his funeral... yeah anyway. No comment on that. Eric MIGHT be coming over this weekend, which would be super cool. But somehow it never ends up working out, my fault or his, I become dissapointed. Weird things have been in the air... I applied at Pay Less Shoes. WooT! Yeah whatever, so I got an interview with them, like an hour after I dropped my app. off. It was crazy, so in the midst of telling my mom the phone rings and it's safeway calling to tell me they wanted to set up an interview with me. *sigh* LUCKY! It was sooo funny filling out the application, there was a question that said something about experiance.. and I was tempted to put down, "I've worn shoes all my life, great tying skills, buckling skills, and slipping on skills." so funny... I laugh now as I think about it... my mom and I were crying over it and I could hardly breath. Anyway, all the money I make goes towards people I owe.. ie Amanda my loving sister, Max my brother, and my parents... wait no I don't owe them never mind. And after that to a nice new car... I have to have a 2,000.00 dollar down payment to get a newer car and a 1,000.00 down payment for a used car... we'll see how long it takes me and then I'll decide which I want. I'm so bored. I've realised all my friends from here think I moved, and my friends over there... know I moved here, and my frined online... don't really talk to me much because I'm in the habit of not answering. So lately I've been feeling lonley... totally my fault. And at this very moment I'm starving. How terrible, only I'm to lazy to walk from the office to the kitchen. loser! Sam's doing fine. I had a razy dream about Seth and I woke up sad and had to wait for Eric to call until one... and even then, it was just a few seconds. So basically I've been lonley.

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