Thursday, June 16, 2005

Abigail and I signed a lease on an appartment. YAY! 600 S.W. 5th Ct. #F301 Renton Wa, 98055!! Okay, so that's our new address. We move on Thursday the seventh of July. It's so freakin' cute little appartment in downtown renton. It's close to my new job. I'll explain now: I went to this fabric store and applied for a job, it was a cool fabric store inside, so the lady asked me if I could sew, and I said yes, she asked if I quilted, I said yes, she asked if I knitted, I said, "Yes, and I even cross stich." She asked me how long I've been doing this for and I said all my life. So then she said she would look over the application and call me. I was like, "cool. " And then I left. By the time we got to Abigail's aunts house, she had called offering me a job on Saturdays from ten to five, and weekdays from five to ten. She said she was sorry she couldn't offer me full time, and I said it was okay but she interupted me and said, "I felt bad so I called my best friend who owns that Papa Murpheys right across the street because I noticed on your application you've worked at Hot Stuff Pizza. Well anyway he's really short handed and asked me to tell you to come in and fill out an application and he would give you a job." And I was like, "WOW! THANKS!" So I went in there, and the guy was nice, maybe in his late twenties... pierced to the hilt. lol. He said he was really short handed and I could have as many hours as I wanted, and he knew the hours I was working for Vikki (fabric store lady) so he wouldn't schedule me for those days, and no sundays, because Vikki had told him I had a son. Wow what a guy. So life is good. And of course I got to see Eric. *siiiiigh* He's too funny. He makes Sam say weird, funny, mostly naughty things that little boys don't really say. :) We went to dinner at 13 coins by the Airport, it was SO cool and the food was great. I loved every minute.

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