Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I got to school late, of course, it's me new habit. I'm such a nut and parked WAAAY too close to the car next to me and could barely get out. I was soo embaressed. And then I went ot the cafeteria to wait for the Allied Arts office to open so I could get my ticket for the Seattle Symphony. Seth came in... I thought he was going to be decent and at least LOOK at me, but he talked to Pat then left.... WE'RE NOT STUPID SETH, WE KNOW IT DOESN"T TAKE FIFTEEN MINUTES TO GET TO CLASS, especially if your class is next door, and since it was ten fifteen and class starts at ten thirty, it would be better for all of us if you just said, "Well Pat I'm going to be a jr. high baby today and not talk or look at Kaitie, even though she's doing everything she can at the moment and I'm going to walk out of here so i don't have to talk to her." If you were honest, then people might not think of you as such an ass. I really didn't know you could be like this.  Ouch, that hurts. Annyway, so I had music then I went home, slept for two hours, making my sleep total for hte day thirteen hours

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